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The process for refinishing involves sanding down the surface using 9 different grits of resin diamond pads. The three basic steps in the stone refinishing process are still grinding, honing, and polishing.

After this process, the marble is buffed and polished to bring back the natural shine. Last but not least, sealer application. (Is applied to delay the process of absorption and protect from any potential stains).

The three basic steps in the stone refinishing process are still grinding, honing, and polishing. When a stone surface is rough or uneven, it may require grinding. If a stone needs to be smoothed, honing may be all that's necessary. To produce a shiny surface on the stone, polishing will accomplish the task.


Natural stone is a very versatile material. The same stone can offer a variety of looks depending on how it is treated. Finishes include highly polished, (high gloss) honed (a matte or satin finish), and different degrees in between. Our stone restoration professionals will gladly advise you on the alternatives available for your particular stone type and surface, taking into consideration use, design, and future maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can marble be restored?

Yes, marble can always be restored either by grinding, honing or polishing, on the damage deterioration, or existing conditions. Refinishing and the processes mentioned above are not a job for a handyman. It isn't as easy as sanding down a piece of wood, etc. It is important for it to be handled by a professional in the stone restoration industry.

Is marble refinishing messy?

At SparClean we treat your home as if it were our own – with respect and cleanliness. Most of our procedures are performed with water to eliminate the creation of dust. We protect all the surrounding areas, and we clean everything once we finish.

What is the difference between “honed” and “polished” finish?

The difference between honed and polished finish is a matter of their appearance.
A polished surface is a glossier, more reflective finish. When you see marble or other natural stone that is vibrant and extremely reflective, you can guess it has a high gloss finish.
A honed surface is more of a matte finish, so it’s much more subtle in appearance and isn’t as reflective either. CONS because the stone’s pores are more open, it is easier for the stains to penetrate deeper into the stone.
Honed and polished finishes are wonderful options for your natural stone; it really just depends on what kind of look you’re going for.

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