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Etch Removal

Marble is a fairly soft stone and it is susceptible to staining because of its calcium carbonate makeup. 

The acid reacts with calcium carbonate and factually eats away a bit of the surface, forming dull spots known as etches.

Acidic foods and drinks like coffee, soda, wine, alcohol, splash of lemon juice, any drippy jar of tomato sauce, and when harsh products like bleach, vinegar, ammonia, and most common brand-name cleaners are used for cleaning marble, are going to leave a subtle mark.

Etch Removal

You might have a case at home where there are marks on your marble that are clear in some lights and from some angles. Etching is weird like that; it’s not a stain or a gouge, so you only see it when you’re standing at the right angle and the light is right.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you repair etched MARBLE?

How it's repaired depends on the type of finish (matte or high-gloss) and the severity of the etching. We can bring your etched marble back to life by repolishing or refinishing the damaged surface.

What is etching?

Etching is a corrosive chemical reaction that essentially eats the surface of the stone. Think of it like a burn that removes the finished top layer of your natural stone, especially marble.

Etching Hone VS Polished

It's very evident on a polished surface because it uncovers dull raw marble. It happens just the same on a honed surface but is not as noticeable since honed marble has a matte finish that is duller to start with.

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