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Paint Removal

Stripping off paint from stone is very tedious since it tends to get absorbed into its porous surface. As a consequence, the paint is stuck inside the cracks and pores.

If you think getting rid of paint from wood is hard, then buckle up for stone painting removal.

We use a safe chemical to remove paint from stone. This is an effective method used to remove oil-based or latex-based paint coats. If the stone has been exposed for a long period to the paint, and you see stains or discoloration in the stone, we apply a stone cleaner to absorb the paint oils and stains.

We have seen this scenario from marble mantels to fireplaces where coats of paint have been removed, then a stone cleaner and refinishing process have been done to revive and bring back the natural shine of the stone.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove paint from stone?

Yes, our professional team can remove the paint from your natural stone. We have restored several fireplaces and brought them back to their natural shine!

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Our professional team have a can-do attitude, when it comes to serving our customers, they focus on quality and hard work. We want to exceed your expectations and we won’t be satisfied until you said so.



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