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Polishing is the process we use to bring back the natural shine of the stone, nevertheless, it does not get rid of scratches or stains.

Once the surface is completely free from any kind of residue, a polishing pad is then used to polish the surface.

In the polishing process, a polishing agent in the form of dry powder or paste is used to restore shine to the surface. Since some natural stones are porous, they need to be sealed afterward.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which area do you recommend to polish more frequently?

A marble floor is certainly a surface that highly needs polishing treatment as it is constantly exposed to foot traffic and, in the case of outdoor marble floors, to the elements. Few professionals know how to polish marble floors correctly as it is not enough to contact a cleaning company to guarantee the quality and long-lasting results that we offer.
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With what do you polish the stone?

Diamond polishing is the most effective and durable technique today; moreover, thanks to this mechanical marble floor polishing procedure, much less water is used and much less dirt is generated. We will protect all the surrounding areas and bring your marble back to life.

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Different locations in the past years only in NY.


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