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Crack and Chip Repairs

Sometimes your natural stone can get damaged, at SparClean we believe in the beauty and history of scars. Call now and let us assist you with a FREE quote!

A crack is easier to deal with than a chip but either way, you should be able to get good results with our professional team by using an epoxy adhesive tinted to approximately match the stone.

Marble is a soft rock and is easily scratched. It is also attacked by acids and so can be pitted and marred by common household products like vinegar. Marble is also delicate and easily broken due to careless handling. The break very often follows a former crack or a natural weakness like a vein or fissure in the rock. An etch is not a stain. It is an actual change of the stone itself, like a scratch. It’s not a discoloration; it’s a dulling. Nowadays, if you break a contemporary marble slab of a kitchen countertop, for example, you consider replacing it with a new top. Nevertheless, with antique marble having emotional value and, especially with custom shapes, it is more common to attempt a restoration.

In both scenarios, we can assist you

From small to big cracks, holes, chips, etc. that deteriorate the looks of your natural stone, we can restore it and bring it back to life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes chips in marble?

Generally, chipping or cracks occurs due to pressure on your marble edges. In some cases, this might be due to the less-than-perfect installation of your marble.

Is it normal for marble to have cracks?

Fissures are naturally occurring in stone and help to add character to your countertop, considering this, nothing should be done about them, unless you want to fill them up to have a smoother surface, then we can assist you!

Is marble easily chipped?

Marble is softer than other natural stones such as granite and is prone to chipping and cracking under heavy use.

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Our professional team have a can-do attitude, when it comes to serving our customers, they focus on quality and hard work. We want to exceed your expectations and we won’t be satisfied until you said so.



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